Our Culture

Optimization and Innovation:

Continuous innovation is the only way for companies to keep development and for society to keep progress. Innovation is not only a spirit or an ability, but also a driving force for sustainable development. Shenheng Steel regards innovation as two aspects: management innovation and technological innovation. Management innovation is to help Shenheng Steel transform from a traditional business to modernized enterprises and get ready for opening the international market. Technological innovation will ensure that our team keeps developing new products to meet the changing needs of market continuously.


Teamwork is the cornerstone of business survival and development. The power of one spindrift is small, but if we gather all spindrifts together, we can have a big wave. It is the same in a team. Regarding to the success of us, it is not comes from any individual’s outstanding, but the excellent cooperation of teamwork.

Sustained & Stable Development:

The international market is changing all the time. Nowadays, the company's success is largely depended on its ability to face shocks, which means, only by taking sustained and stable development can a company consolidate step by step. The current business competition is more like the competition of "hard power" now and as the world economic fluctuations is increasingly severe, it will be difficult for enterprises to survive in this environment. Under such circumstances, every team member has to work harder in their job and put more attention on quality control. In order to stabilize our “hard power”, we must ensure the quality of our products is perfect as always. “Don’t seek to be the fastest, but to be the most stable enterprise” is the foundation of our stabilized development for these decades.

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